Green ILC

Energy for Innovation, Innovation in Energy


The following links list the various conferences/workshops or meeting related to accelerator energy issues, like the green-ILC project or others.


Upcoming Events

Title Place Date
LCWS 2016 Linear Collider Workshop Series Morioka, (Japan) Decenber 4-9, 2016

Past Events

Title Place Date
Energy for sustainable science I ESS Lund (Sweden) Oct. 13-14, 2011
Energy for sustainable science II CERN, Geneva (Switzerland) Oct. 23-25, 2013
AWLC 2014, Americas Workshop on Linear Colliders Fermilab Chicago (USA) May 12-16, 2014
LCWS 2014 Linear Collider Workshop Series Belgrade (Serbia) Oct. 6-10, 2014
HF 2014 Beijing (China) Oct. 9-12, 2014
11th ICFA Seminar Beijing (China) Oct. 27-30, 2014
ALCS 2015 Asian Linear Collider Workshop KEK(Tsukuba)- Tokyo April, 20-24, 2015

Next Meetings

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