Green ILC

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Recovering and Recycling Energy

Today more than 80% of the electrical power injected in a collider ends up in heat in the cooling tower 23. As discussed in the previous chapter the first move is to reduce consumption by increasing the component efficiency and therefore reducing the heat production. In addition, it will reduce the electrical power needed to cool down the equipment. In this chapter we address the issue of how to recycle the wasted heat collected on many components and turn it into a valuable energy source for generating electrical power or heating/cooling system for buildings.

Another location where large amount of energy is lost is the beam dumps. Contrary to circular machine where the beam is dump after several hours of running (e.g. at LEP or LHC, but at a much higher rate for the FCC), for linear collider, each beam after a single pass interaction are dump, namely 5 or 10 times a second.