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3rd Energy for Sustainable Science Workshop

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The 3rd workshop on “Energy for Sustainable Science will take place in DESY (probably Hamburg) on Oct. 29-30 2015. It was announced by Frederick Bordry, head of the CERN Accelerator and Technology dept. at the end of his talk at the January 2015 CLIC workshop.

The official conference website is now available. The first and second workshops were held in Lund (Sweden) and CERN (Switzerland) co-organized by CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, ERF, the European Association of National Research Facilities, and ESS, the European Spallation Source.

Quote of the overview of the first workshop:

Volatile energy costs, a tight budget climate and increasing environmental concerns are all inciting large-scale research facilities across the globe to develop mid- and long-term strategies aimed at achieving for the future a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply that is carbon neutral.
The workshop will bring together international experts on energy and representatives from laboratories and future projects all over the world in order to identify the challenges and best practice in respect of energy efficiency and optimization, solutions and implementation as well as to review the challenges represented by potential future technical solutions and the tools for effective collaboration.

Topics for discussion included:

* Technical challenges in availability and quality: efficiency and optimization of energy supply, energy recovery, storage and stability
* Strategic and financial challenges for the future: impact of GRID regulation, investment optimization, procurement strategy
* Challenges for heat recycling systems and water saving: energy conversion, heat recovery, high-temperature cooling loops