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Green-ILC Report Published

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The Technical Group of the Advanced Accelerator Association Promoting Science and Technology (AAA) has set up the Green ILC working group (G-ILC) with the fact-finding mission to bring energy-saving technologies to the ILC.

The G-ILC working-group has organized in 2014/2015 many meetings gathering industry representatives and scientists. The Green-ILC Report (2014/2015) is the collection of the various talks presented during these meetings.

- Green-ILC AAA 2016 full report (100 MB)
By Chapter:
- Contents and Introduction (.3MB)
- Green Technologie trends and application to accelerators (21 MB)
- Energy saving Technologies for accelerators (25 MB)
- Energy Recovery, Energy storage, Energy Managment(29 MB)
- Renewable Energies for accelerators (36 MB)